BRUSSELS has announced it will plough €11.8 billion into educating and training thousands of young unemployed Spaniards.

The European Commission project means 187 training projects will be fully funded from 2014-2020.

The EC hopes that a million people will benefit from the training, with around 50% of young Spaniards out of work.

European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, said: “I am confident that this programme will make a positive difference to many people in Spain where unemployment – and especially youth unemployment – remains a pressing challenge.”


  1. Will the EU detail someone to watch like a hawk what happens to this money, we all know the answer – the EU, disband it, stop all pensions, select one place only to operate, no special tax allowances or first class travel and every year the books must balance. Sack all existing senior staff with zero compensation. Any corruption comes to light, the use of piano wire will stop it dead.

    Such an EU would have the full support of all western European members. The Eastern members must sought out their anti-semitism and the influence of the corrupt Catholic church – or leave and pay back all the monies they have received – problem sorted.

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