composting-waste-siteTHE government is considering introducing fines for households who throw away ‘too much’ food.

Spain is the seventh worst offender in Europe for throwing away food, according to an EU report.

On average, every Spanish home bins 76 kilos of food (€250). Now the government is considering measures to curb the waste, similar to those already in place in Belgium and France.

Tighter restrictions on food disposed of by supermarkets is also up for discussion.


  1. The supermarkets are the place to start with these proposals, instead of picking on householders. Idiotic “sell-by” and “use-by” warnings need overhauling. THEY are the cause of much waste, making people paranoid and too quick to bin perfectly good food. A regulation passed for consumers protection was soon perverted by the stores into a profit-making scam. The use of one’s nose, eyes and freezers is the best money-saver and health guard.

  2. stefanjo,
    another factor in food waste is the actual age of food sold in s/markets. Why anyone shopped in Tescos is beyond me. After 2 days if you had’nt eaten it it was bad. As you say, a 5 star freezer is a must. When certain foods are cheap I buy, prep and freeze.

    A dose of real starvation might make Europeans think about waste, nothing else will.

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