MARS has been forced to recall thousands of chocolate bars in Spain and Gibraltar.

It comes as part of a mass product recall across 55 countries after someone in Germany found bits of plastic in a Snickers bar.

BARRED: Mars bars removed from shop shelves
BARRED: Mars bars removed from shop shelves

The plastic was traced to a Mars factory in the Netherlands.

In Gibraltar, the Environmental Agency contacted the three local importers to recall all chocolate produced in that factory.

This includes Mars and Snickers bars of all sizes, boxes of Celebrations, and Milky Way Fun Size and other variety packs.

A Mars Netherlands spokesman said: “We cannot be sure that this plastic was only in that particular Snickers.

“We do not want any products on the market that may not meet our quality requirements, so we decided to take them all back.”

The Environment Agency advises customers who have purchased one of the potentially affected products not consume it but return it to the place of purchase.

Mars, one of the world’s biggest food companies, has not revealed how many products in total have had to be recalled, nor the overall cost.



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