ryanairBUDGET airlines can charge up to 20 times the supermarket price for snacks and drinks, shocking research has found.

The mark-up can climb as high as 2,646% of the item’s original price, travel website Kayak has found.

For example, Thomas Cook charges €3 for Cup a Soup, which costs just 15 cents from a supermarket multipack, and half a litre of Ryanair water costs €3 and 20 cents when bought in bulk in a shop.

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  1. If customers of budget airlines can’t go without eating and drinking junk food for a couple of hours, then they deserve to be ripped off.
    What’s wrong with bringing your own food from home? the drink you might need can be bought from duty-free before boarding.

  2. stefanjo. Maybe you’ve not noticed but whilst Duty free shops may be duty free, they’re far from being profit free. In fact many airports make more money from their concessionary sales than they do from airlines. Let’s face it, if you fly you’re a captive client & simply have to cough & pay the extortionate prices (or of course go without).

  3. David: It’s still cheaper to buy a thirst-quenching drink from a duty-free/flight-side shop, before boarding, in order to wash down the grub you brought from home. So you see, the only thing you are compelled to be ripped off for, (because of stupid liquid rules) is a bottle of something from a mug-shop.
    As I said.

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