air-pollutionPOLLUTION levels in Spain increased more than any other European country in 2015, a new study reveals.

CO2 emissions rose by 4% last year in Spain with a 23% increase in the use of electricity to blame, according to the Observatory of Sustainability.

Emissions from vehicles also grew by 3.4% in 2015 according to the report.

Chief investigator José Santamarta has slammed the European CO2 trading market designed to cut carbon emissions, claiming current prices per tonne of CO2 emitted are too low to be prohibitive.

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  1. That is your opinion but not backed up by facts. Has air, river and sea pollution increased dramatically yes, not least because of the explosion in human numbers. The sea temperature is rising and this is, right now affecting sea life and the important coral reefs.

    A drastic culling of bipeds would be beneficial for the planet – remember the biped needs the planet but the planet does’nt need the biped.

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