WHEN David Carter bought Richo from a pet shop he thought he was bringing home a pedigree labrador to his 12-year-old daughter.

Rico came at a premium price too, with David, 43, paying the shop in Fuengirola a woofing €350 for the one-month-old ‘pure-breed’ puppy.

BARKING MAD: Expat's fury over dodgy dog
BARKING MAD: Expat’s fury over dodgy dog

So he was anything but impressed when a local vet informed him that Richo was a mixed breed and probably half podenco.

“I am devastated. They are charging a premium price for mixed-breed dogs yet they sold me a dud,” David told the Olive Press.

The expat, who lives Mijas, first realised something was up when he noticed Richo was much smaller than other labradors of the same age.

Returning to the shop, a concession inside supermarket Carrefour, David demanded an explanation.

“When I went in, they showed me a photo of Richo’s parents as some sort of proof,” said David.

“I showed them a photo of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth and said, ‘Well, that’s my mum and dad.'”

Although the shop originally offered David his money back in exchange for Richo, they have since changed their minds.

David now plans to take Richo to England for further tests to prove he has been sold a dodgy dog.

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  1. Absolutely agree. I’ve had pedigree animals & found that they tend to have more problems than “muts” & end up costing the guardians a real bundle in vet fees later on. None of this appears to have daunted Mr. Carter who went to buy something without doing his homework first. I would agree however that a pet shop should not have basically conned him.

  2. David……….I trust you are able to read¿?¿?¿ There have been countless amounts of info re
    how to buy and how NOT to buy a dog. I have seen plenty of pure labs in rescue sanctuaries.,
    or is it that a piece of paper saying the dog is a Pedigree of more importance to you than the
    animal. I think it is deplorable that you will be taking Richo back to the UK for tests, & how
    much is all that going to cost? Please stop being so full of your own importance and find Richo
    a loving home with people that respect animals for what they are.

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