THE USA has confirmed it will not negotiate the nuclear clean-up in Palomares until Spain has a government.


Radioactive contamination from the plane collision in 1966 was not tacked sufficiently and after decades of protests, John Kerry finally agreed to find a solution ‘as soon as possible’ in October 2015.

But the US government has now confirmed it won’t negotiate until the Spanish government has been formed – a process which could take months.

And the US presidential elections could stall the process further.

The clean-up is thought to cost €640 million which will be paid by both Spain and the USA.

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  1. So,
    an accident that should never have happened, with no Spanish involved at all and the Spanish will have to wait a little longer, 50 years not being enough and they have to pay towards the clean up too. It should all have been dealt with directly after the event.

    • I agree Stuart. Should not have happened, should have been cleaned up immediately when it did. But with current political mess in Spain, its prudent to see that an incompetent government doesn’t embezzle the clean-up money – and its another few decades before its done!

      • There it is again. The great American way. Throw dollars at the natives, that will keep them quiet. NO. what the problem requires is personnel and equipment. From America, the same place the crap came from, before it fell from the sky. It’s bad enough that Spain has to find a burial place on it’s own land, without having to pay in cash and it’s workers health as well.
        It doesn’t require a ruling government in Spain to get the job done, that’s just an excuse.

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