PARTIDO Animalista Bullfighting(PACMA) will hold a protest on the 18th April in Sevilla during the city’s annual Feria de Abril.

The group will call attention to its claims that millions of euros of taxpayers’ money are spent by the Andalucian government to subsidise bullfighting.

PACMA says dozens of bulls will be killed during the city’s ‘April Fair’, while the government of Andalucia will spend millions on covering the financial losses of the bull fights’ organisers and re-transmitting the fights on the government-owned public television channel.

Bullfighting continues to divide opinion in Spain, with recent protests calling for its end being met with counter protests in support of the Spanish tradition.

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  1. The Feria de Abril in Seville. From the 3rd of April until the 10th: bulls. Los Toros. Tradition, colour, spectacle, bravery and art. Probably one of the leading bull festivals in the world. Shouldn’t a newspaper which aims to teach its readers about their adopted country try for a more even and balanced report? A hundred intolerant anti-taurinos. Tens of thousands of fervent aficionados.

    • La Corrida: Bull***t. Ignorance, drunkeness, histrionics, cowardice and cruelty. Probably one of the most culturally backward displays in the world. Shouldn’t a so-called news editor who aims to inform its subscribers about growing public sentiments in their adopted country try for a more humane and enlightened message? A spokesman for a diminishing number of aficionados. Tens of thousands of ethical critics.

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