5 May, 2016 @ 10:18
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VIDEO: Manchester City fans punched and hit with batons by Spanish police

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MANCHESTER City fans clashed with Spanish police both inside and outside Real Madrid’s Bernabeu. 

Images of fans being hit with batons before the game have emerged.

While a separate incident shows police punching fans inside the stadium.

A number of fans have reported incidents where they were ‘indiscriminately’ struck with batons as they made their way to the stadium.

The game ended 1-0 to Real Madrid, setting up an all-Madrid Champions League final with Atletico Madrid for the second time in three years.

Rob Horgan

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  1. Anyone who lives in Spain knows that the Spanish police are getting more and more authoritarian with each passing year. For example, now you can get arrested for photographing unattended police cars parked illegally in disable bays and putting them on social media, then fined huge amounts of money for ‘disrespecting the police’. Seriously, you couldn’t make this up! (And I’m an ex-UK cop!)

    • This is how they behave with NO government properly in charge. Imagine what they will be like if another right-wing party scrapes into power next month. Never mind batons, it will be serious business with tasers, mace and even sidearms.

  2. It is exactly incidents like this that have gone unpunished for decades that mean that people like the Priors are treated like shite.

    We have had weak ineffective representation from British governments for far too long. The weak never get respect only the strong.

  3. Why the hooligans think that they have the right to perturb the order of the cities that they visit?

    The images taken in the stadium make me to remember the tragedy of the Heysel stadium in Brusells, which I saw by televisión in the same moment in which was happening , seeing with impotence many persons dying, and I think that police deserves our support in his difficult task of ensure the security of the public.

    The video presented in this article , shows policemen trying to disperse a crowd of hoolligans that is causing problems .And seems that those people are not very inclined to attend the instructions that the policemen are giving to them.

    • These football fans were having a good time before the match and the police waded in. The reason was probably to get some nice overtime for themselves and the extra police called in after they reported this incident to their superiors. This was a common tactic in the 70’s and 80’s used by UK police in order to get more overtime. Start an incident themselves. They would also start trouble by pretending to BE supporters. Often too they would be paid by journalists to start off trouble.
      By believing that these thugs are the upholders of the law makes you worse than them. At least they know they are thugs!

      • I only can speak about the video: The policemen have ordered to the fans to move of that place and the fans are disobeying this order. I think that the actuation of this policemen ,acording the video is correct.

  4. No Anselmo,
    this video was taken before the match and your police are thugs. Do you remember when an English supporter at a match in Sevilla was beaten by the police – he was in a wheelchair.
    The Heysel Stadium was where the Italian thugs were beating Liver[pool supporters and the TV clearly showed two Italians with pistols.

    The Italians were cowards and the ones who died were trampled to death by – other Italians – you must try harder with your lies – they are not working.

    • Clearly your absence of objetivity is total. I think that with your version of the tragedy of the Heysel Stadium you are not trying to make a mockery to the deaths and injured and their families . But It will be a good thing that you look for information about the feats of the hooligans.

      The famous historian Arnold Toynbee said about the fascists( in 1930?) that they was inner barbarians produced by the western society for to destroy this in the same way that germanic barbarians and the Huns destroyed the Western Roman Empire. I wonder about the opinion of Mr. Tonybee about this fans. In the case that he would be alive in the year 1985

  5. I rarely speak out to defend police behavior. Nor would I want to endorse a Trump-like policy. But I think I could get behind requiring Brits to pay a security deposit when entering Spain, refundable only if they are able to complete their stay without misbehaving.

  6. Anselmo,
    i’ll give you one thing your denial syndrom never waivers, not for a moment.

    The Italians wilfully and deliberately attacked the Liverpool fans and when they got more than they bargained for they cowardly ran away and trampled to death their own – that’s not an opinion, that is well documented with video footage.

    if you also could come out from behind your senial sysndrome and checked the facts, Italians have always attacked foreign fans with the compliance of the police.

    You also hav’nt commented on the video evidence of an English supporter being attacked by Spanish police in his wheelchair – why not.

    Alun you’ll be the first to cough up yes?

    • Sorry, but your version of Heysel stadium tragedy don´t match with the information that i dispose.

      I can´t say nothing with respect to the man of the wheel chair because I have not information about. But i´ll look for It.

  7. Anselmo,
    why do you use the word information – the video evidence is there for all the world to see. I watched that match on TV like millions of others – the Italians in their cowardl;y fear trampled to death their own – nothing more to say.

  8. Let’s not forget Hillsborough. That was supposedly drunk fans and look how that turned out. I don’t know about anyone else but I glad that the families and survivors finally have the beginnings of justice with the unlawful killing verdict. “Hillsborough”, the very moving docu-drama, is available on ITV catch up at the moment and well worth watching, even if you have seen it before.

  9. No edu, they would have seen the face of Fascism in all it’s brutality just like I did in Pamplona May 1st 1968. I have nothing but praise for the brave students both young men and women who were brutally beaten almost to death. They had no weapons were’nt attacking the Guardia.
    The only cowards across the whole of Europe were the UK students – mouth and nothing else.

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