THE Spanish league is set to fine clubs who leave empty seats on view during televised live matches.

La Liga president Javier Tebas announced the new regulations, which require clubs to fill areas of the ground shown on camera.

PRETTY VACANT: Clubs to be fined for empty seats
PRETTY VACANT: Clubs to be fined for empty seats

Teams will have to ensure fans are strategically placed to avoid being hit with fines of up to 6,000, which will come in from next season.

If other parts of the stadium not shown on camera are empty, clubs will avoid the fine.

Tebas claims the move will force clubs to find ways to boost their attendances.

The announcement is part of La Liga’s bid to rival the Premier League’s television audiences and revenues.

This season, La Liga crowds went up by 423,625 to 13,588,636 a 3.22% leap from last year.

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  1. Live coverage doesn’t seem to make much difference in the Premier League, most grounds still get good/full attendances – well UP did anyway, don’t know if it will be the same at the new stadium with all the extra capacity.

    It does seem to make a noticeable difference to lower league clubs though with many grounds looking very empty at live games.

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