Raj Rao
Raj Rao

HAVING taken six years to get justice, we are celebrating our victory over dodgy dentist Raj Rao with a pinch of salt, not a bottle of champagne.

Yes we feel vindicated, after warning our readers of this twice-struck-off professional lurking in our midst.

However, in an age where malpractice, fraud and corruption exists in every corner of society, more needs to be done to encourage investigative journalism. As well as ensuring legal winners don’t wait years to reclaim their costs.

From our first report on Rao there was never any doubt we were in the right.

Yet we were forced to spend thousands defending our investigation, which is simply wrong.

But where other publications shy away from controversy – or mostly any real reporting – the Olive Press will stay true to its colours.

We are an award-winning community newspaper and be it dodgy dentists, crooked car dealers or misbehaving media bosses the OP will root out and expose the rogue traders operating on our patch.

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  1. Being an infrequent reader of your excellent newspaper, I’d have welcomed a more detailed account of this ” dodgy dentist” as I seem to have missed the original article. A link to the story would be welcome. Thanks. :-))

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