Munoz leaving prison
Munoz leaving prison

CORRUPT ex-Marbella Mayor Julian Munoz is struggling with serious illness.

Munoz, who served as Marbella’s mayor from 2002 to 2003, was hospitalised last month with low blood pressure.

The bent politician is applying for parole due to his deteriorating health.

Munoz was taken to Punta Europa hospital in Algrecias following a dangerous fall-off in his blood pressure, according to his lawyer.

In 2006, Munoz was arrested in relation to Operation Malaya, the ongoing anti-corruption campaign in Marbella.

After Munoz served two years in prison for a subsequent sentencing in 2013, the Court of Malaga gave him a more lenient sentence given his poor health.

Before being hospitalised, Munoz had leave hours in the afternoons.

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