biogasA NEW €3.7 million biogas plant which converts manure into energy has begun operating in Andalucia.

Based in Campillos and the first of its kind in the region, the plant converts livestock manure from pigs, goats, chickens and turkeys into thermal and electric energy.

It has the capacity to handle around 60,000 tonnes of manure each year, which can produce up to 16 million KwH of electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by 13,000 tonnes.

Giesa Agroenergia say they see the potential to build thousands more across Spain.

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  1. A sensible comment from stefanjo – maybe a he banged his head against a wall. Flushing toilets are a waste of water, 40% of all household water is used this way. There are prisons in Kenya that convert human waste into methane that is then used to cook the prisoners food and the waste product is then used as fertiliser, something the Chinese and Japanese have been doing for centuries – night soil.
    Domestically – 10 gallon plastic containers used inside ‘thunderboxes’ and kitchen waste added. When full a snap top lid is fitted and the container left outside for daily collection and a steam cleaned empty one left as replacement. Automated plants needing only a few ‘minders’. Result, lots of organic material to enrich farmland, lots of methane as by product for distribution, much simpler and cheaper waste water treatment plants – what’s not to like and while your at it ban all chlorine bleach products – nah far too sensible all that.

  2. In the 70s’ some Dutch hippies set up a commune near the German border and composted both chicken and pig manure. This gave them all the methane they needed for heating and hot water and they sold on the end product that they did’nt need.This could be replicated all over Europe, constantly upgrading farm land, no waste product and no pollution – the EU has had decades to promote such sensible measures across all countries. Instead we find that it is illegal to feed waste food to pigs, so what happens to all the restaurant waste – land fill.

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