THE Partido Popular of Motril has strongly opposed a plan to provide Axarquia with more water.


A proposal had been put forward to transfer water from the Rules and Iznajar dams to Axarquia and Vega de Antequera.

“Taking this water would be an insult to the farmers of the Granada municipalities who also have intensive farming uses, with need for sufficient guaranteed water,” said spokeswoman for the PP in Motril, Luisa Maria Garcia Chamorro.

“We believe that this water is needed in the province of Granada and it is not acceptable that Almuñecar is preparing for a shortage of subtropical crops and the Junta de Andalucia wants to take the water to Malaga.”
Almuñecar’s water shortage has led to farmers warning the local government that they are weeks from disaster.

Chamorro’s protests, however, may have fallen on deaf ears as Velez-Malaga, who requested water from the Rules dam, has received a positive initial response from the Junta de Andalucia, who are looking favourably at the 10,000 jobs that would be created in farming.


  1. Intensive farming in semi-desert environments with finite water resources leads to real desert. This is what the Romans did in north Africa and the Spanish stupidly are doing the same thing. When all the waters gone, what happens then – mass migration northwards?

  2. Chas,
    by 2050 virtually all of southern Europe will have turned to desert. Rioja has about 10 years left before all agriculture fails in that part of Spain and Rioja is in the north. I’d like to know where approx. 250 million (North Africa, S/Europe) are going to live.
    Only 2 solutions possible massive killing campaigns or the deliberate introduction of virulent lethal viruses, with only the elites and their lackeys having anti-dotes. The legendary ‘Vietnam Rose’ is a classic example.

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