SPAIN’S coastline will be 100% urbanised by the year 2267 if development continues at the same pace.Coastal properties

Some 7,898 kilometres of coastline has already been built on, over a quarter of the country’s seafront.

Since 1987, 22.7 km of front line coast has been urbanised every 12 months, according to a report in the Sustainability Observatory.

If development continues at the same pace then Spain’s entire coastline will be urbanised in 251 years time.

The Mediterranean and South Atlantic coastal areas are the most densely urbanised, with 3,829 kms of coastline already occupied.

The report also highlighted the increase in resident population on the coast, recording a 22.6% increase from 15 million people to 20 million over the past 20 years.

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  1. Fortunately this will happen after I have reached my personal deadline.

    By the way, the South Koreans, who have to live on a territory of only 100.000 square kilometers, have choosen a different approach: They do not store their 51 Million people horizontally into villas or town houses but vertically into high rises, all of similiar shape and hight of 23 floors.
    If the Spanish decide to copy this method they may delay their full house of the coastline by another 100 years.

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