pp_rajoyMARIANO RAJOY has been sworn in for a second term after winning a confidence vote in parliament at the weekend.

The moment ends ten months of political deadlock, which saw two general elections end with no party receiving the necessary overall majority.

The leader of the conservative Partido Popular secured a simple majority in Saturday’s vote, meaning he will rule with a minority government.

He will have an uphill battle on his hands given the deeply divided congress of deputies and the increase of corruption scandals that have embattled his party.

Following the vote at the weekend, thousands of people took to the streets around congress to protest against Rajoy, the corruption allegations and his unpopular austerity measures during his first term.

The PSOE and Podemos parties have vowed to fight the minority government.

PSOE spokesman Antonio Hernando said Rajoy is now ‘under the close watch of everyone in this congress.’

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