A STUNNING supermoon lit up the night sky in Spain last night.

Hundreds of budding photographers took to their cameras to capture their best shots of the huge-looking orb, which last appeared as close to the earth in 1948.

Photographers in Andalucia, like in many other parts of the country, were in luck thanks to cloudless skies.

Corey Burke, Gibraltarian dad and network engineer painted the supermoon in a silvery light.

He said: “Finally got to snap a photo of the moon over the Rock.

“I didn’t get to compose a shot of it with something cool. Boo!”

Further afield in Zaragoza, the moon appeared to be balanced on a pinhead tower on the Nuestra Señora del Pilar Cathedral.

The phenomenon occurs when a new or full moon coincides with being at its shortest distance from earth on its elliptical journey.

Last night the moon was 221,525 miles from earth, in comparison with an average 238,900 miles.

The event will not be matched until the moon makes a similar approach in 2034.

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