Queen Letizia with King Felipe VI and her daughters
Queen Letizia with King Felipe VI and her daughters

QUEEN Letizia has been criticised for looking ‘furious’ at the official opening of parliament.

The former journalist looked decidedly peeved, as she sat beside her two daughters Leonor and Sofia for the session.

Her ‘attitude’ provoked a backlash on social media, with some observers speculating that she was unhappy with the victory of Mariano Rajoy.

Others insisted she was unhappy that her daughters had to miss a day of school and be placed in the limelight – something she tries hard to avoid for them.


  1. Rajoy did not obtain any “victory”. Without abstentions, he would not be the prime minister. That is not a victory by a long shot. He has no mandate and now has to “lead” a weak government. This is not at all good for Spain. All previous leaders should have stepped aside for the the benefit of Spain.

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