A VICTIM of paedophile Barry Bennell has spoken out about a ‘chilling’ trip to Spain where Crewe Alexandra youth players were sexually abused.

In a TV interview alongside other victims, Andy Woodward revealed that Bennell abused a different boy each night during a week-long trip to Gran Canaria.  

Woodward said that seven boys were taken on the trip that ‘makes Saville look like a choirboy’. He said: “There were seven of us who went, for seven days and he had one every night.”

Since Woodward come out against Bennell, more than 20 more victims have contacted the police about their own abuse.

Waiving their right to anonymity, England internationals David White and Paul Stewart are among the victims to speak out.   

The abuse is said to have taken place when the young men, aged between nine and 14, were training with the club’s youth team.

One victim, Jason Dunford revealed that if a young player refused to go to bed with Bennell then he would be dropped from the team.

The 44-year-old said he was ‘frozen out’ of the team after telling his abuser to “f*** off”.

He said: “I told him where to go, I confronted him. I’ll never forget the deathly stare he gave me.

“After that, Bennell began to torment me – dropping me from the team, telling me I would play, but on the Sunday dropping me again.”

The NSPCC has now set up a special hotline for victims.


  1. There is now a fair avalanche of abuse allegations in English football, thanks to the bravery of Andy Woodward closely shadowed by others who have followed his lead. But let’s not fool ourselves, if it occurs there, then it surely follows it happens elsewhere. Will Spanish, indeed, European football now attempt to clean it’s stables? Will anyone other than victims, lift a few stones?

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