coronaVILLAGERS in Spain have blasted the media for letting a fake story about their town get ‘completely out of hand.’

The BBC and Independent, among others, reported that Antonio Fernandez, the billionaire founder of Mexico’s Corona beer, had left €2 million to everyone in his hometown of Guadalajara, in Castilla y Leon, where the popular beer is still brewed.

“It’s simply not true, unfortunately,” said Lucia Alaejos from the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia. “It seems someone got the wrong end of the stick and the story has just grown and grown, it’s got completely out of hand.”

220px-corona-6packWhile he may not have directly paid residents his generosity will have a lasting impact on the town.

“Every summer he would visit, and he paid for the restoration of the church and square, brought running water to every home in the town, funded the resurfacing of roads and founded a cultural centre for the village,” Alaejos added.

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