veganA GROUNDBREAKING vegan poster campaign at a Spanish railway station is stopping carnivores in their tracks.

One sobering image features a lamb incarcerated behind bars, with the phrases ‘go vegan, be fair’.

Union Antiespecista has taken over a publicity board in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol train station, where it has been installing different thought-provoking images.

The first campaign of its kind in Spain, the union’s aim is to encourage more people to stop eating and wearing animal products, which it believes equates to animal cruelty.

According to the last official study in 2011, only 1.5% of Spain’s population consider themselves to be broadly vegetarian, with just 30-40% of these calling themselves vegan.


  1. You want to get cancer in your digestive tract then go ahead and continue eat meat that will rot while passing through creating toxic chemicals for your body. If you eat it because someone told you its for protein then know that black beans contain 6% more than red meat and its easier to digest. If someone told you that meat is for iron than know that black beans contain more than 5 times iron the amount as red meat. If you still eat meat only because you think its tasty then you are no better than a drug addict. Humans do not have a natural ability to hunt, eat or digest meat from any living animal without the use of artificial tools and cooking.

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