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THE UK press has run various stories of late on British care companies providing ‘inexperienced’ live-in help from overseas.

While not one of the companies named, The Good Care Group is a provider of quality live-In care and we believe that the benefits associated with both this type of service and associated employment opportunities were sadly ignored in the coverage.

The Good Care Group is regulated by the Care Quality Commission to provide live-in care to people in their own homes.

Recently rated ‘outstanding’ by the regulator, we are proud to be one of the 2% of social care providers across England to have achieved this accolade.

The Good Care Group’s success is based on a set of values which embrace its diverse workforce, including a number of professional carers who live overseas.

All of our professional carers have previous experience in caring for others and are recruited for the knowledge, skills, training and qualifications they bring to our team.

Every carer completes a thorough and rigorous interview process, which includes psychometric profiling and a five-day assessed residential training course to ensure their values align with our own.


The quality of care they give is something we are very proud of. To say people do this work just for the money is deeply unfair and certainly not representative of our own valued workforce.


They are paid a decent salary for the work they do (the pay scale is the same as for UK-based carers) and we employ them all on a permanent, fixed-shift contract.

We operate a 24/7 service centre available to carers around the clock so they can access the support they need at any time.

We also have a consultant admiral nurse who ensures all of our clients, carers and managers are always fully supported, and an occupational therapist who supports the needs of our complex clients.

All of our carers receive refresher training each year and ongoing training options to further develop their skills.

These professionals are, in fact, unsung heroes who work tirelessly to make their clients lives the best they can be every single day.

They provide companionship and assistance to enable clients to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

Live-In care is proven to achieve far better outcomes than a care home setting.

For example, just 4% of clients at TGCG use antipsychotic medications, versus 40% of people living in care homes, and clients fall significantly less often when in their own home.

This positively impacts on the NHS by reducing costs to the health system.

Employing over 600 carers based in both the UK and abroad, we are always looking for like-minded people to join our expanding team. If you would like a fulfilling and rewarding career then please contact Tracy Jackson for an informal chat on 951507423 or 622047351. I can also been contacted via email on:



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