Actress Barbaria Lennie, wearing jewellry from Suarez Joyeria at the Goya Awards
Actress Barbaria Lennie, wearing jewellery from Suarez Joyeria at the Goya Awards

A HAUL of jewellery was stolen from the Goya film awards.

€30,000 worth of items including cufflinks, a ring and earrings from Joyeria Suarez were taken from a room in Madrid’s Hotel Marriot Auditorium where the prestigious gala was held.

Police have just revealed the crime, which took place during the ceremony in the evening of February 4.

The lavish jewellery was left over from a collection that could be borrowed by stars for the event and had been stored in the room for safekeeping.


According to Europa Press, police suspect the thief works for the Academia de Cine, the body that puts on the Goyas.

This is because those who were part of the ceremony or worked for the hotel had access to the room, while the jewellery was put on display at the Academia days before the event.


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