Buzzfeed made a ‘how to make Spanish tortilla’ video and Spaniards are furious

tortilla gaffe  e
Buzzfeed video
Buzzfeed video

DESPITE witnessing the fury after Jamie Oliver famously put chorizo in his paella, Buzzfeed decided to go rogue on another Spanish classic.

A video showing ‘how to make Spanish tortilla’ was posted on Twitter by @BuzzfeedTastyy.

But Spaniards were sent into a spiral to see that it included red peppers, onions, garlic and the mother of all no-no’s… chorizo.tortilla-gaffe

The clip soon went viral as Spaniards were just not having it, mocking the recipe with memes.



Buzzfeed España had to point out that the tweet or post had nothing to do with them, and that they only eat traditional tortilla.tortilla-gaffe-5

It seems budding chefs should think long and hard before even thinking about putting a twist on a Spanish classic.


Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. If it’s tortilla espanol then that is a fixed recipe, which we all know but other tortillas or omelettes can be anything you like. I have to say if I have a spicy chorizo then I will use that since for me there is more taste in chorizo if it is cooked. That, sweet peppers, onion and of course some garlic and of course some eggs makes a wonderful fusion omelette. If the Spanish don’t like that, simple stick to a boring tortilla espanol, I know what I prefer.

    • Your right Stuart. I suppose the Italians could say the same about the “pizza” but they don’t care, to them, “itsa a pizza, ya puta wanta ya lika da eata ina da ting”.

  2. Rancid cooking oil instead of virgin olive oil, old potatoes with black spots that darken when cooked, or variant of tortilla with a carmelized exterior and under-cooked oily, runny egg – with Salmonella?- on mealy undercooked potato pieces inside seem to be popular variants of this ‘special’ Iberian cuisine.
    I’ll take one of Stuart’s fusion tortillas any day.

  3. Chas forgot to say that I only ever use olive oil for cooking. The amount of oil used does’nt make it expensive and whenever I’ve tried other oils, I can tell the difference in taste immediately.

    Left Spain tears ago now but at least 3 days a week my desayuno is tostado con tomate, brilliant healthy breakfast full of calories. I use thick cut bread instead of the French equivalent of a barra, laced with lots of, you’ve guessed it olive oil with garlic, finely chopped grappe tomatoes – simply wonderful with una cafe grande muy fuerte – what a breakfast.

    • Virgen olive oil instead of butter – yes! – and avocado oil for high heat browning. Virgin olive oil and lemon juice or lime juice for salad. Run garlic, fresh cilantro, sea salt, virgin olive oil and lime juice through the blender for a fresh flavorful dressing for salad of fresh baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes with a few thin slices of red onion. And some thick fingers of fresh, barely toasted fresh. bread.

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