Hitler and Franco
Franco with Adolf Hitler

GENERAL Franco’s body could be dug up if a PSOE party bid is successful.

The Socialist Party wants the dictator’s remains removed from the emblematic Valley Of The Fallen, 50km outside Madrid.

The main opposition party’s motion will be debated in parliament in the coming months, but the outcome will be non-binding.

The PSOE wants the vast mausoleum to ‘stop being a memorial to Francoism and be reconverted into a space for the culture of reconciliation.’


In 2011, the PSOE was set to return Franco’s body to his family, but the right-wing PP dropped the plan once it took power.

The bodies of around 30,000 Civil War casualties from both sides are buried at the site, which was mainly built by Republican forced labour.


  1. Franco always said Spain wasn´t ready for a democracy of the like of Swizerland so he chose the less worse option. Better to have him in power that the philosopher-kings of the republic with his internal battles in detriment of the spanish people. Recently Americans have considered if leaving Saddan in power wouldn´t have been a better option. Better to have in power a well meaned person than those speaking in the name of democracy and acting in their own or group interest.

  2. In my view you are manipulating to appear you are in defense of democracy and against dictatoships trying to simplify the unsimplificable. You are assuming republican era was a time of democracy and justice which wasn´t. Franco´s regime was the only way out that fooliness proved by its entry to the UN in the fithties. Now you can go on theorising about dictators, Hitler playing with the ball representing the world, the error of equating Franco with Hitler and all that.

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