18 Feb, 2017 @ 09:30
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Luxury British apartments being snapped up on Costa del Sol

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new-homesTIME is running out to snap up a luxury apartment in a large British-built development on the Costa del Sol.

The last 40 homes, costing €265,000, have gone on sale in Taylor Wimpey’s Acqua development in San Pedro.

Located between the seafront and the old quarter of the town, the two and three-bedroom scheme is the latest project by the property magnate in Andalucia.

Each property comes with air conditioning and a private parking space, alongside access to a communal swimming pool and gardens.

Taylor Wimpey is currently constructing more homes on its Los Arqueros Golf resort, which is set for completion by 2020.

Chloe Glover (Reporter)

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    • Mr Rajoy wants everything to stay the same post Brexit, Pablo. Btw, if these buildings mentioned in the article are illegal, what did the Spanish authorities do about it? What about the Spanish lawyers who worked on the project? Why didn’t the Spanish police stop the project? It does not matter if the project was built by a Briton, or a Mongolian, the law (Spanish law) has to be adhered to. As one can quickly see, it is Spanish corruption that ultimately leads to such problems, but where is your evidence that these buildings are illegal? Oh, there is none. Fake news is your specialty, luckily we have a quick way to overcome it. It’s called intelligence lol.

  1. The starting pricing seems correct, although I infer bigger, best oriented and located flats to bear a premium. Monthly expenses will be higher than similar offers in the market too snce Taylor focuses on luxury.

  2. To what ‘standard’ have they been built , is there a guaranteed water supply for the future. Let’s hope all the illegal Spanish immigrants get kicked out of Central and South America, that will solve the over supply of property in Spain quickly.

    • Let me enlighten you once more….
      As an Argentinian I can tell you that there are not illegal Spanish immigrants here.
      Or in Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, the rest of South America, Central America and Mexico.
      Thats because something called Convenios de Migración, Convenios Especiales, Convenios de Doble nacionalidad, etc.
      The problem, as always, are the illegal British inhabitants of Malvinas, Esequibo, etc.
      Understand now?

  3. Weii, the good thing is that all the people who like those ghetto blocks will live away from where we live. The bad part, of course, is that it is a new opportunity for alcoholics, grifters, sex peddlers and pedarists.

    • I agree with Andrew below. I don’t like the term “ghetto blocks”, it smacks of superiority with a smattering of xenophobic undertone thrown in. As I have said before on this forum, I don’t care where expats live in Spain. It’s also fine to live without fully integrating in to Spanish life, if that’s what a person really wants, and equally it’s fine to live among others of your own nationality too – be it in an urbanization, or a block. Some of the richest properties in Spain are located in Marbella for example, and yet that is an area known for a multitude of crime-related problems.

    • High density blocks, whether in UK, Spain, Sweden, USA or elsewhere are linked to alienation which are in turn linked to drug, alcohol and other socially marginal activities. That is a well known fact since post World War 2,when the first studies were done.
      Moreover, high rise high density buildings are nearly always of low sound and thermal insulation regardless what the brochures say. Why would anyone want to live in those non-communities except to be close to the social vices identified by urban planning and mental health studies?
      This whole notion of ‘expats’, as opposed to immigrants, pretends that the immigrants are somehow set apart, likely due to a lingering historic notion of colonial superiority. And speaking of xenophobia, no one around us lives in little elite ghettos. Thats for the ‘expats.’

      • Agreeing thoroughly with what you stated, I must add that there are situations where this apartments are of the more convenient. i.e. People living in a cold weather wishing to spend some months in the year by the sea mainly for health reasons. Easy upkeeping and low maintenance costs.

  4. Is it just me or are the comments sections of the Olive Press becoming ever more bizarre? Half the time they seem to bear little to no relevance to the article and even when they do 95% of comments appear to be from people suffering from envy. Can you not just think “each to their own” once in a while? In this particular instance the apartments may or may not be to your taste. That doesn’t make them bad and it certainly doesn’t make them illegal. It strikes me that some people here need to get out more. #justsaying

  5. Fred,
    I did’nt know that, I think I have met 2 architects who could produce reasonable designs. Simply they have no practical experience in any area of construction, most would drop dead if they had to work a single week.

    Andrew Powell – if you knew what good construction and appropriate materials for a particular climate were you would know that Spanish construction is crap, it may look nice but that has nothing to do with quality design and materials.

    • Stuart Crawford, I think you may have missed my point entirely. However, that said, you know nothing about me so please don’t make assumptions as to what I do or do not know. However, one thing you can be sure of is I am happy to admit that there is plenty of that I don’t know and well as a reasonable amount that I do. Sweeping statements such as yours regarding build quality are, generally speaking, a tad unhelpful and do not really contribute anything of value.

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