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Exhumations of Republican soldiers to restart at Spain’s Civil War ‘monument’ after legal appeals from right-wing groups flounder

A TEAM of forensic scientists that has been recruited by the Spanish central government will on Monday restart work to recover the bodies of...

Virtual Spanish Civil War museum launched online in bid to plug a gap in collective memory

WITH little fanfare, the Virtual Museum of the Spanish Civil War was launched online in September. The free website is aimed at educating anyone...

Explainer: What will be the effects of Spain’s new Democratic Memory Law?

EARLIER this month, the Socialist Party-led central government approved a new piece of legislation: the Democratic Memory Law. The legislation passed with 128 votes...

Founder of Spain’s fascist Falange party to be exhumed from Valley of the Fallen by family

THE family of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the founder of Spain’s fascist Falange party, has announced that it will privately exhume the politician’s...

Franco supporter from Spain’s Valencia faces prison for making death threats against Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez

A 51-year-old man from Paterna, Valencia Province, goes on trial on Thursday for posting social media death threats against Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez. Prosecutors have...

Army captain in Spain faces sack for ordering soldiers to kneel outside General Franco mausoleum

SPAIN'S armed forces have suspended an army captain after video footage appeared showing his soldiers kneeling at the former burial site of dictator General...

Right-wing weapons collector who made WhatsApp death threats against Spain’s PM, Pedro Sanchez, is jailed

A 66-year-old right-wing gun enthusiast from Catalunya has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years after making threats to kill Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez. The National Court...

Madrid court acquits artist of desecrating Spanish dictator General Franco’s tomb with red paint

AN artist who painted a dove and a slogan on top of dictator General Franco's tomb has been acquitted of desecration. Madrid's Provincial Court also...

Spain to begin project to exhume civil war victims at Valley of the Fallen

SPAIN'S €650,000 project to exhume and identify victims of the country's Civil War that were buried at the Valley of the Fallen site outside...

12 mass graves of Civil War victims that are being excavated in Spain right now

WITH news this week that the government of Spain has started the process to open up the Valley of The Fallen crypts containing the remains...

Valley of the Fallen: How archaelogists are planning a massive dig at Franco’s legacy

A NEW look at the lives of the prisoners who built the Valley of Fallen aims to give it a more acceptable spin, writes...

Spain set to exhume Franco victims from controversial Valley of the Fallen and return them to relatives for burial

SPAIN'S government is set to approve an immediate €650,000 of funding to exhume and identify victims of the country's Civil War that were buried...

Historical memory: Barcelona university enlisted to document Spain’s Valley of the Fallen victims

FAMILIES of the victims buried at the Valley of the Fallen will soon receive information on their loved ones thanks to a new collaboration...

Franco sympathisers gather at Valley of the Fallen amid tight security as Spain’s former dictator Francisco Franco is exhumed

The exhumation has been fiercely criticised by Franco sympathisers and far-right party Vox.

Monks say Spain’s government can’t exhume dictator Franco’s body because he is buried in ‘sacred place’

The Abbey of the Valley of the Fallen sits on ground under which Franco is buried.

Spain’s Government SEIZES former dictator General Franco’s €5 million summer palace over its ‘fraudulent’ sale

It comes as Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE administration has pushed on with a plan to exhume the remains of the Fascist dictator

Spain’s Supreme Court blocks reburial of General Franco just days before body due to be dug up

The arguments of his family against removing him from the Valley of the Fallen rested on the ‘irreparable’ damage it would cause

Secret grave of Franco victims discovered in Madrid cemetery

Thousand of people were shot in Madrid by Franco’s regime following the end of the civil war, the 80th anniversary of which is marked this year

Pope backs Spain plan to dig up General Franco grave

The Pope's right hand man has written to Spain´s deputy Prime Minister to lend support for moving former dictator´s remains

Police foil Franco supporter’s plot to assassinate Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez

The 63-year-old painted himself as a martyr, writing in the WhatsApp group, 'I am willing to sacrifice myself for Spain'

WATCH: Man defaces General Franco’s tomb in Madrid with red paint and is dragged away by security guards

The protest was sparked by growing tension surrounding the planned exhumation of the remains of General Franco from the Valley of the Fallen

DIVIDED: Experts and locals on digging up dictator Franco from the Valley of the Fallen in special Olive Press...

Spain is a country still divided between those nostalgic for the Franco days and those who abhorred El Generalisimo

General Franco’s body will be exhumed thanks to Spain government decree being signed TODAY

SPAIN will pass a decree today signing off on the exhumation General Franco's body.  It comes after new PSOE prime minister made the removal of...

Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sanchez promises to exhume the remains of General Franco

The controversial site has faced huge criticism for being the only remaining monument dedicated to a fascist leader in Europe

Work begins in Spain to exhume bodies of victims from Spanish Civil War

Experts arrived on Monday at the Valley of the Fallen which holds the remains of over 30,000 people from both sides of the civil war

Spanish parliament votes to exhume Franco’s remains

Opposition parties on the left and centre backed a motion 198 votes to one to remove the fascist dictator out of state-funded mausoleum Valle de los Caidos




Rains return to Spain’s Malaga with severe weather warnings activated for Costa del Sol and Guadalhorce region

SPAIN’S Met Office, AEMET, has activated new severe weather warnings for Malaga province. The yellow weather alert, in force since midnight for heavy rain and...


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