A MAN is in critical condition after being gored up the backside by a bull during a running festival in Spain.

Footage of the incident, courtesy of Youtuber Kmara David, shows the man being brutally stabbed in his buttocks and legs before being thrown around the streets in the small Salamanca town of Rodrigo.

The 56 year old is said to have been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after suffering severe muscle damage and a perforated organ.

The bull can be seen stabbing the man’s leg so hard with its horns that blood sprays out onto the cobbled ground.

A further seven were injured during the festival, known as the Carnival of the Bull.

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  1. This idiotic spectacle has only one redeeming feature. That’s the bloke in the high-viz coat who bravely grabbed the poor bull’s tail. He probably saved the perforated guy’s life.
    Give it up Spain. It’s all unspeakably daft.

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