policia-localA BRITISH man is in intensive care after he was shot by Spanish cops as he tried to attack his ex-partner with a knife.

The unnamed 43-year-old received a bullet to his backside after ignoring orders to stop his violent assault in Albox, near Almeria.

He remains under police guard at La Inmaculada Hopsital in Huercal-Overa, where his condition has been described as ‘serious’.

His alleged victim, also a Brit, was unharmed thanks to the rapid police response.

According to local reports, the man had breached a restraining order to find his ex and try to harm her.

A Guardia Civil spokesman said: “He had managed to get into his ex-partner’s home and was waiting for her when she returned.

“He had a knife in his hand and was trying to attack her when officers arrived. They used their weapons after he ignored their orders to stop.

“He will be questioned when he is well enough but at the moment saving his life has to be the primary concern.”

A local source who witnessed the incident told the Daily Star: “Officers fired into the air to warn him off before having to shoot him.”

He was shot at four times, with at least one bullet landing in his backside, which required an operation to remove.

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  1. If Spanish police don’t carry tasers, perhaps they should. This guy could have been stopped in his tracks with one of those. Also, there would have been no chance of stray bullets hitting bystanders.
    This article states that at least four shots were fired but only one appears to have hit it’s target. Begs the question, where did the other three go?

    • there were no bystanders at 01:30 in the morning in a field the man travelled 2000 miles and broke into her home and waited in the dark for her as she coincidently had her generator stolen a few days before the attack, police were informed he was very likely to be armed a phone call to Antony bellis the attacker allowed the victim to run and escape he followed her and started to thrust the knife towards her he was shot 4 times other bullets missed he were warned several times to stop and warning shots were fired, they shot low as per their training as not to hit the victim. Everyone knows Spanish police carry guns not tazers if your willing to take someone’s life be prepared to forfeit your own

      • This assailant was obviously mentally disturbed. No one of sound mind would have conducted themselves in such a way. Therefore threats from guns are ineffective, crazy people don’t fear consequences, bullets are poor psychiatry. He would have been subdued immediately with a taser while the police were wasting time “warning” a man who could not be deterred with gun-threats. He could have carried out his aims in that wasted space of time.
        These points aren’t to be a bleeding heart, but to police more efficiently.

        • Well you do gooders need to wake up to the real world and be greatful that it wasn’t you begging not to be stabbed like I say don’t believe everything you read in the papers do you know the facts no do you know the victim or the attacker? Do you really know what happend? No you dont. So in London when the police officer got stabbed the terrorist got shot in your opinion I bet they should of used a tazer as terrorists have mental health issues? Tell that to all the victims families, sorry for your loss but in my opinion the terrorist should of been tazered.

          • The terrorist shot in London, had already committed his evil deed, so no prevention there. In fact, if he’d been taken alive, it’s possible valuable information could have been gleaned. Dead men tell no tales. Nor do they suffer life-long punishment as deserved.

  2. …Pfffff!
    How about Brazilian Jean de Menezes who was confused with a terrorist in london and got shot 12 times at close point with 8 of those shots in the face?
    The CCTV evidence got lost, his executioners were all spared and the officer who order it got promoted soon after.
    Stop female abuse by controlling partners!!!

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