alicanteTWO Brits are being held after Spanish authorities found synthetic drugs ’80 times stronger than cannabis’.

Some 12.2 kilos of it was found stashed in sacks of coffee on its way to Alicante from Hong Kong.

Police described the drug as ‘a strong synthetic cannabinoid’ which has an effect on the body ’80 times stronger than that of one gram of traditional cannabis.’

It is consumed by dissolving it in water before spraying onto a cigarette, said a police spokesperson.



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  1. Synthetic cannabinoids are rubbish, real ones are much, much better & much safer also….seriously!
    All this ‘spice’ crap which is apparently flooding the streets of the UK is only there because drug laws and prohibition in general has failed.
    If one could buy a bag of decent quality cannabis without breaking the law to do so then all this synthetic spice bollox wouldn’t exist in the first place.
    Ironically states in America, where cannabis has been legalised, regulated taxed & sold, either medicinally or recreationally through dispensaries, don’t seem have these problems with ‘Spice’ or other ‘Legal Highs’.

  2. This rubbish is one of the variants of “spice” currently causing havoc among prisoners, homeless people, in fact those mostly at the bottom of the heap. It’s cheap and potent, more mentally obliterating than alcohol and widely available despite it’s illegality (by internet, made in China)
    It is a wicked lie to compare it to cannabis, which is a fairly benevolent substance compared to this foul poison. The stuff can kill, cannabis never will and never has. The ignorant comparison has been drawn because it is often sprayed on a vegetable, leafy base and smoked. That’s as close to cannabis as it gets.

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