guardia-civilBAYERN Munich have lodged a complaint with UEFA about violence from Spanish police against their fans.

It comes after ‘violent attacks’ by officers against German fans during halftime of the Champions League quarterfinal match against Real Madrid.

A club spokesperson said: “FC Bayern finds the Spanish police’s actions as misplaced and excessive.”

The club will also ask the Spanish police for a statement of events.

Bayern lost 4-2 during the match, which saw Real Madrid progress to the semifinals.

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  1. They do it all the time. If there is no trouble then they cannot justify the number of “police officers” at the matches. Simple economics means they have to cause trouble. Happened in the 70’s and 80’s in England with off duty police officers actually starting trouble then disappearing into the crowd. Overtime and time in lieu are a powerful aphrodisiac for the “forces” of law.

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