OUTRAGED: Carlos Jimenez Narvaez

A PETITION has been launched to ban a bullfight in Velez-Malaga.

Local resident Carlos Jimenez Narvaez is behind the campaign to stop the June 10 event, which he hopes will gain 2,000 signatures of support.

The bull fight, which will take place at the Recinto Ferial and feature famed Cordobes bullfighter Francisco Rivera and Manuel Barea, was branded barbaric by Jimenez, a digital marketer.

He created the petition in response to a statement by mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer, who claimed the town had a ‘great tradition of bullfighting’.

Velez-Malaga last hosted a fight in 2012 and does not have a bullring of its own.

“Where is the art in the killing of an animal and leaving it to suffer in agony?” said Jimenez, who now lives in Madrid.

“They speak of tradition but we have never had a bullring in Velez-Malaga where these acts are celebrated.

“Together we can try to stop this from happening instead of sitting idly by.”

Moreno defended the fight, which he said would place the town on the map.

“The show will make our town a place to visit and we thank the organisation that has chosen this town to organise it, where we have a great tradition of bullfighting.

“We invite all the fans to attend the show as an additional incentive to our offer of the sun and beach.

“We believe our businesses will benefit thanks to the visitors who will arrive in our town for it.”

To sign the petition to stop the fight, go to http://bit.ly/2pC3736


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    • No bullring. No corridas for five years? hardly a winner for pulling in the punters. A decent music festival would do the job far more efficiently, with the added bonus of happy, exhilarated audiences,as opposed to slavering, wild-eyed sadists, sating their blood-lust.
      Lenox is so keen on this obscenity, that he must have a financial interest in it’s continuing existence, why else pimp for it?

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