allinc2SPANISH hoteliers have called for Brits to be banned from all inclusive holidays after food poisoning claims rocketed by 700% in one year. 

Hotel owners in Spain have had to fork out a staggering €4.9 million in compensation for brits blaming the food for their fake illness.

The Association of British Travel Agents has backed up the hotels’ complaints.

It blames the loophole that allows tourists to submit a claim using just a medication receipt from a pharmacy as evidence.

They are then able to claim as much as €3,500 using no win no fee law firms to represent them.

“It seems that since PPI and whiplash has dried up, they are now after holiday sickness,” said a spokesperson for the ABTA.

Areas hardest hit were the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Dorada and Benidorm.




  1. Stuart – I especially like this paragraph.
    “You must remember,” continued Gould, “that throughout our history ‘tourism’ has meant invading foreign countries, occupying them for years and doing our utmost to turn them into England replicas abroad. Consequently, anywhere that doesn’t serve bacon and eggs for breakfast, chips with every meal and a stiff gin and tonic at sundown can’t really be called civilized.”

  2. Then there’s American “tourism”. Lots of lovely tales of their exploits in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, much of South America, and of course their own lovely country, stolen while “touring” it for the past few centuries. Plenty lands now infested by the Big Mac and Burger King. Give me bacon and egg with PROPER chips anyday.

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