HEART BROKEN: Tania admits she still loves Alejandro

A SHOCKED audience watched as a man tried to divorce his wife for not having a vagina on a Spanish court show.

During the programme, Caso Cerrado (Case Closed), the man initially stated his wife’s infidelity as the reason for the divorce, claiming that she had slept with her adoptive mother on their honeymoon.

“I am here to sue this shameless tramp,” said the man, only known as Alejandro.

It was later revealed that wife Tania has Rokitansky syndrome, a congenital abnormality that leaves a woman with either a small or non-existent vagina.

Tania had surgery to try and ease discomfort, however had difficulty consummating the marriage.

It was then, she claimed, that she went to her adoptive mother for help.

Dr Madeline Hernandez said: “Women have to continually dilate themselves,” alongside therapy which means they have to “deal with a lot of pain and psychological trauma.”

After hearing both sides of the story, host Ana Maria Polo granted the divorce.


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