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Judge in Spain’s Malaga puts a price on a woman’s work

A JUDGE in Malaga has just answered a question that all parents will have asked themselves at one time or another: how much money...

Woman dopes separated husband with drugged croquette to clear out his bank account in Spain

A wife going through a divorce with her husband put a knock-out drug in a croquette so that she could steal €27,000 from his...

The seven year twitch: New report shows that divorce is bad for your health – if you’re a man

IF you want to stay healthy, stay married. This is the message from a new study which shows that men who live alone for seven...

Fireball horror as man torches himself outside Murcia courthouse in Spain

QUICK reactions from a security officer saved a man who set himself on fire outside a Murcia courthouse this Monday Reports said the man was...

Pre-lockdown divorce applications plummet by 40% on Spain’s Costa Blanca

DIVORCE applications have plummeted 40% throughout Spain’s Costa Blanca, but not just because of the coronavirus lockdown. It is true that the near collapse of...

Spanish love gets toxic in divorce boom, says Sun Lawyers     

MARRIED couples in Spain have been keeping lawyers busy with a big rise in divorce enquiries caused by the COVID-19 lockdown. Money problems and the...

Spanish man seeks divorce from wife ‘without vagina’ on live TV

Rokitansky syndrome is a congenital abnormality that leaves a woman with either a small or non-existent vagina.

Divorce and separation in Spain: What happens to the family home?

The family home - whether jointly or privately owned by one partner - becomes the asset that is the subject of the greatest disputes

Things to consider when facing a divorce abroad

The top five things to consider abroad to dodge a difficult break-up, writes Frank Arndt, Managing Partner of Paradigm Family Law

Doing it for Dad: a son’s fight against his ex-wife

The case of Dennis Terry, his son and former daughter-in-law would leave the most experienced detective confused

Time for a divorce in Spain?

Antonio Flores, of Lawbird, tackles the tricky questions about ending a marriage

Life not so tweet for Elen Rives and Frank Lampard in festive spat!

Spanish model hits out after she is 'not allowed' to speak to her daughters from India on Christmas Day

Live the life of a Lady (Diana) in Spain

Incredible estate, where Lady Di once stayed near Marbella is now renting out at 30,000 euros a week

Split for Duke and Duchess

The first divorce in the Spanish Royal family





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