A wife going through a divorce with her husband put a knock-out drug in a croquette so that she could steal €27,000 from his bank account.

The woman, 47, met with her partner at a Zaragoza bar to discuss their impending separation, with proceedings having started a month earlier.

The husband left their table to buy a drink and she got hold of a croquette that he had ordered and put some benzodiazepine into it.

The drug had desired effect as after eating the croquette, he began to fell unwell, and the couple left the premises for his new home.

The victim told Aragon police that he remembered nothing from the time he left the bar until the following morning.

He discovered that €27,000 had been transferred from his bank account to various accounts in his wife’s name.

Security cameras at the Zaragoza bar showed the woman manipulating his croquette to drug him.

She was arrested last Friday by the Policia Nacional.

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