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EXCLUSIVE: British woman being driven crazy by mysterious high-pitched noise around her Costa Blanca home in Spain

A Mysterious High Pitch Noise Is Driving British Resident Crazy On Spain's Costa Blanca
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A BRITISH expat is going out of her mind over a high-pitched shrill that’s been plaguing her around her Moraira home.

She believes it could be linked to an Iberdrola electricity substation around 100 metres away and the tone is also audible outside her property.

Jenny Ward, 56, has lived in her Calle Benitadus villa in the Beniemet area for two years without any problems.

The high-frequency pitch – similar to the noise people hear if they have tinnitus – first appeared in early October.

She’s told the Olive Press that one other person in her street can hear it whilst it does not register with other residents.

When workers recently switched off the Iberdrola generator for maintenance, she said the noise went away giving her a much needed, if somewhat temporary respite.

Poss Lead Brit In Moraira Going Bonkers Iberdrola Sub Station

“This has driven me round the bend,” said Jenny. Her solicitor has contacted Iberdrola which has promised to look into the matter. 

Jenny said: “I’ve spent around €700 on getting private hearing tests and have been told that everything is fine.

“I’m now having to use special hearing aids to partially block out the shrill and am resorting to pills to help me sleep,” she added.

The situation has got so bad for Jenny at times that she’s booked into hotels to give her a much-needed break.

“I’ve been going bonkers and have needed to get away as it has been driving me mad for over six weeks,” lamented Jenny.

An electrician friend looked over her property and besides not hearing the noise himself, he found nothing in her villa that could be causing the mysterious shrill.

Another Beniemet resident, Timothy Clifton, who uses the online Moraira Noticeboard asked the question: “Can anyone tell me what the loud shrill noise is in Beneimet?”

Jenny contacted Clifton, who told her that he and other family members can all hear the shrill.

If anybody else in the area is suffering from the same problem, the Olive Press would love to hear from you.


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