DISPUTE: Smith and Mendo
DISPUTE: Smith and Mendo

MORE than a dozen ex-members of staff are taking a popular Irish pub to court in a dispute over pay.

Disgruntled ex-employees of Healy Mac’s, in Estepona, claim they were forced to work more than three times the hours in their contracts, and in some instances were not even paid for their work.

The bar, which opened last year, is currently facing a series of legal battles connected to treatment of staff.

One alleged victim, Kayleigh Smith, 22, said: “They treated us with complete disdain and no respect.

“It was bullying and after countless legal letters, visits and requests we’ve got nowhere.

“Going to court is our last resort.”

Smith, who was a supervisor at the bar in Estepona Port for nearly six months, claims she frequently had to work up to 60 hour weeks, and was bullied by other members of staff.

Healy Macs
Healy Macs

A former manager at the bar, Alvaro Mendo, 30, appeared in court this week to accuse Healy Mac’s S.L of unfair dismissal.

He told Malaga court he was fired without explanation, only for the company – which has various Irish pubs around the world, including Thailand – to later accuse him of stealing from them.

Employed by the bar from June 16 to Feb 17, Mr Mendo also accused them of making him work 60 hours a week, despite being placed on a 20-hour contract.

He said: “It was a nightmare from start to finish and the same for many other staff.”

A judgement on his case is expected on June 6.

When contacted by The Olive Press, Healy Mac’s declined to comment


  1. the abuse of employees in this part of Spain is true disgusting especially in bars and restaurants. Contracts are cheated, staff under paid, no paid holidays, cash in hand etc
    i was talking to a friend of mine who was offered a job this week on a 4 hour contract and was going to have to work 6 days close to 70 hours and was to be paid 3.25 euros an hour. The actually government min wage for this sector is 7.50 euros an hour after tax and if you include social security and deductions actually close to 11.25 an hour. All very sad but how it is and that place has 10 staff

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