pjimage-22MARIANO Rajoy has paid tribute to Malaga fashion designer David Delfin after he passed away from cancer at the weekend. 

The Spanish prime minister expressed his condolences for the world-renowned creative’s death on Sunday.

The Malagueño was just 46.

Rajoy said in a telegram sent to Delfin’s family that he ‘was one of the most charismatic and creative fashion designers in Spain’ who ‘leaves an incomparable legacy’.

Delfin co-founded his studio in Madrid in 2001.

Delfin 2002
Delfin 2002

In 2002 he instantly became one of Spain’s most provocative designers by covering models’ faces with hoods and putting nooses around their necks at the Pasarela Cibeles fashion show.

He went on to win several international awards and earned Spain’s National Award for Fashion Design in 2016.

He was praised for ‘developing his own avant-garde universe.’

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