A BRITISH expat’s cancer-stricken daughter is ‘doing much better’ following an Olive Press campaign for blood donations.

We launched an appeal after John Chappell’s daughter Serena, 11, was rushed to hospital in April and was diagnosed with Leukaemia.

APPEAL: Serena felling better

Her rare O Negative blood type meant there was not enough blood to treat her.

But she is now on the mend, said Chappell. “She’s feeling a lot more like herself.

“She’s a bit bored, obviously, but she’s doing better, she’s still in fighting spirit.”

Serena is still receiving chemotherapy, with another round due to start next week.

“There is still a good supply of her blood type at the hospital which is great as people have obviously still been donating,” added Chappell, “so a big thank you to those who have.”

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