CERTAIN activities could set you back €3,000 on the Costa del Sol’s beaches this summer as new regulations come into force from July 18. 

Playing ball sports on the beach or in the sea, nudism and urinating in the sea can result in fines of up to €750.

The same hefty fine can be handed down to those found reserving a place on the beach by using a parasol, bringing any pets or littering.

‘Serious infractions’ can incur penalties between €1,500 and €3,000.

These range from fire, barbeques, fishing out of season or in prohibited areas to sailing within 200 metres of the shore and causing damage to marine flora and wildlife.

Malaga’s beaches will specifically ban loud music, parking and camping on its beaches. Swimming in areas designated for boats, and adversely sailing near areas for swimmers is also banned – that includes pedalos. Ignoring these could see you fined €300.

Breaking these rules will result in fines of up to €300

You are permitted to play ball sports as long as you are six metres away from other sunseekers.




  1. They forgot:
    – tailgating on the motorway.
    – tailgaters who also flash lights because you refuse to tailgate the car in front of you (double fine please).
    – claxoning without reason
    – parents in august who clearly think other guests and waiters should look after their children (and also have the nerve to get angry when you dare to say something about it)

  2. Most of these fines could be placed under one heading. ‘Being a foreign tourist within the borders of Spain during the months of July & August.’ – Penalty – whatever the nearest copper needs to reach his summer bonus target…

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