MALLORCA is set to hold a major conference on the battle against an olive ‘plague’.

Palma will host the talks on the blight scything through olive trees across Spain, with international experts gathering on November 13 for the three-day meeting.

PLAGUE: Olive blight attacking Palma

Some 305 cases of Xylella fastidiosa, known as olive ebola, have been reported in the Balearic Islands since the first case appeared in October, 2016.

So far, three different strands of the bacteria have been identified, with the vast majority of cases reported in Mallorca.

Around half of the trees affected have been destroyed, with olive and almond trees worse hit.

Citrus, grape and fig trees have also been hit, with authorities on the mainland warning passengers heading to Mallorca not to bring back vegetation from the island.

Balearic authorities have cut down and destroyed affected crops and intensified controls within 100 metres of the infected trees.

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