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Filling the gap between injury and returning to normal life at unique Sotogrande clinic

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Re-establishing and maintaining healthy whole body movement after an injury or illness is the key to long-term recovery, say Carole Falconer, a physiotherapist and Andrea Young, a Pilates practitioner and functional movement specialist.

They have both observed a gap in physical injury aftercare and now work in tandem to ensure clients don’t repeat the injuries that brought them to their clinic in the first place.

“Just because you’ve been discharged by a doctor or surgeon doesn’t always mean you’re fit to immediately return to previous activities, either work, home or sports related” explains Andrea, who provides fitness training in the same building as Carole’s physiotherapy clinic in the heart of Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro.

“For example you might break a bone or damage a joint, a surgeon will repair the injury and that’s their job done. After that you’ll go to physiotherapy to re-establish pain-free movement, and then be discharged to return to your normal life.

Frequently however, many people are still unready to resume their previous activities. Some go right back to activities that got them into trouble in the first place. Others, having subconsciously ‘favoured the injury’ during the initial recovery period, have created compensatory habits making them move differently thus creating new issues.

Following physiotherapy, Andrea works to restore the client’s healthy movement patterns so they can more easily and safely return to a full range of activity. “We both firmly believe in the need to take account of who the person is, what they do for a living, what recreational activity they take part in and what they need and want to be able to do to live life fully. We treat the person, not just the injury.”

Carole, who has trained with the renowned James Cyriax, often described as the father of orthopaedic medicine, goes to Andrea’s classes herself. “I often joke that these women could do a degree in anatomy after a few weeks because Andrea explains exactly what they’re doing and why, and people understand things much better that way,” she says.

Both notice the way their clients’ bodies change, their confidence grows and movement becomes much more fluid, efficient and importantly pain free.With a combined experience of 50 years, whilst constantly staying abreast of new developments in their fields, it’s no wonder that there is such high demand for their unique service.

Contact them here: Carole Falconer: (34) 629 518 160, [email protected] http://sotograndephysiotherapy.com Andrea Young: (34) 690 691 371, [email protected], http://corefit-forlife.com


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