STRANDED: Baby dolphin held by tourists

A STRANDED baby dolphin has died after tourists took it from the water for a photo opportunity on an Almeria beach. 

The stranded creature was separated from its mother and spotted by a group of camera wielding tourists who snapped photos of it.

Some of the photographs showed children touching the animal and unintentionally covering its blowhole.

Non-profit organisation Equinac, who help rescue stranded marine animals said the dolphin would have been ‘terrified’ and criticised the holidaymakers who handled the animal.

“Humans are the most irrational animal there is. Many people are unable to feel empathy for a living being which is frightened, starving hungry, without its mother,” they posted on Facebook.

“In their selfishness, all they want to do is photograph it and touch it, even if the animal is suffering from stress.

The organisation clarified in a follow-up post that they did not accuse the bathers of being responsible for the dolphin’s standing.

“This calf beached for being sick or losing her mother, without which she can’t survive, but photographing and touching causes these animals to enter a very high state of stress.

“Let us remind everyone that these animals are highly protected; to disturb them, to harm them and to manipulate them is prohibited by law, and we always ask for respect and consideration.”

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