A FED up local in Marbella has shared a video showing a whole street of double parked cars who he claims are constantly blocking in residents. 

In a post widely shared on Facebook, resident of San Pedro de Alcantara Oscar Ayala Sanchez blasts the increasingly popular practice.

It sees drivers park next a row of parked cars and turn their hazards on while they go to eat dinner or see friends.

Often, they only move the car once the driver who is blocked in alerts them by beeping their car horn furiously.

Ayala writes in Spanish: “What little respect these people have for their neighbours.

“Every day and night there is double-parked cars… and they are sitting so quiet on their terraces without moving their vehicle.

“Do you know that you can only leave your car double parked for two minutes and not lose sight of it?

“I’m fed up with the noises and the lack of respect.

“Your neighbours who live here can’t afford to park on our street because if we have to get the car out to work in the morning, we have to wait for the good Lord who is having breakfast to decide to move his car.”

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