SCENE: Camping Pueblo

A BRIT has been arrested on suspicion of biting a chunk of flesh out of a friend’s face during an argument at a campsite in southern Spain.

The alleged attack occured on Saturday night at Camping Pueblo in Murcia.

Authorities were called to the scene by a group of children who saw the 47-year-old attack his friend, 49.

The men are believed to have spent several months living with their partners in bungalows.

Neither have been named.

The alleged ‘biter’ fled the scene but was caught by Guardia Civil.

He will now face a judge in court for a private hearing.

Sources said the injured man had part of his left cheek missing.

A camp site receptionist, said: “They were on the terrace arguing and as they headed towards the bar, began to argue.

“Some children saw they were hitting each other and asked for help.

“The younger of the two men began to hit the other round the head, telling him to be quiet, and then he bit his face.

“When I arrived there was a piece of flesh on the floor and a large pool of blood.”

Police were initially told the victim, also British, had been attacked by a dog.

He was taken to A&E although his condition is not known.


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