Malaga at night

THE PSOE in Malaga are pushing to have the city considered for the title of Culture Capital of Europe. 

The socialists say the city has ‘learned from its mistakes’ after missing out on the title last year.

The party will propose this month that the provincial capital put itself forward as a candidate for the honour in 2024.


Thyssen Museum

The PSOE say the Picasso Museum began a new era of cultural attraction that has developed with the creation of other museums, including the Russian, Pompidou, Thyssem, and most recently the Malaga Museum.

Malaga council will have until September 10, 2018 to inform the European Commission of its candidacy, and will have to send the bulk of the documentation by October 18 of the same year.

The PSOE said attaining the title is an ‘important challenge’ and has proposed the creation of a working table in which all social and cultural actors and municipal groups can work together to put together the strongest case.

Spokesman for the party Daniel Perez said ‘we are facing a unique opportunity’ to achieve a recognition that will be ‘tremendously beneficial to the city’.

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