BRITISH passengers have accused Ryanair of ditching soap in plane toilets.

Cabin crew onboard the budget airline are said to have told passengers it is no longer deemed ‘essential’.

Pensioner Alan Woodward, 71, said he was shocked to discover there was no soap as he and wife Wendy, 64, flew home from Spain.

He told the Sun: “It’s frightening that people are expected to use the toilet and not wash their hands properly.

“One stewardess told me she now brings her own hand soap to work.”

Woodward, from Oxfordshire in the UK, said the plane from Alicante last Friday was a new Boeing 737-800.

He said the lack of soap was just the latest example of the Dublin-based carrier’s cost-cutting, which comes after Irish boss Michael O’Leary threatened to charge passengers for using toilets.

Woodward, an ex-British Airways cabin crew chief, added: “If it was a restaurant or a cafe, it would be shut down.”

Other passengers have reported similar no-soap situations.

Ian Harman? tweeted after a flight from Bratislava in Slovakia: “No soap in the toilets. Disgusting”

Meanwhile, Kay Leedham-Green claimed a Ryanair stewardess told her: “We no longer stock the toilets with soap.”

Ryanair has labelled the claims as ‘nonsense’ and said: “All our aircraft carry soap, which is replenished as required.”

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