A NEW book by expat writer Joan Fallon will make for the perfect present this festive season.  

Ring of Flames is the exciting conclusion to Fallon’s al-Andalus trilogy delves into Spain’s Moorish roots in Cordoba when the Omayyad dynasty was on the cusp of losing control.

It follows the emotional exploits of the same family from the first two books, The Shining City, and The Eye of the Falcon.

However, this time rightful caliph al-Hisham is under threat from pretenders who are seeking the throne for themselves so Ahmad and Rafiq must plan an escape in order to survive.

Fallon said: “I visited the archaeological site of Madinat al-Zahra, just outside Córdoba and was fascinated by it. The more I read about the 10th century, the more I wanted to write about it.”

Her other works include Daughters of Spain, Santiago Tales, Spanish Lavender, Loving Harry, The Only Blue Door, Palette of Secrets, The Thread That Binds Us and The House on the Beach.

The book is available as a Kindle ebook and paperback.

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