Do you remember the turbulent 60s? Do you remember when Viet Nam was two separate countries? Can you remember when absolutely no one cared how many miles or kilometres one got per gallon or per litre in one’s car? Can you remember when people actually were polite and at least pretended to listen to one another? If you answered yes to any or all of these, please give me a just a brief moment of your time.

Whatever we are called, Baby Boomers, Golden Agers, or just plain “Old Fogies”, I would not be surprised if you were simply tired of the seemingly never-ending attempts by companies to either get your attention or to sell you some product or service that you don’t really need.

Well, that is why three of us, living on three different continents, got together to try and do something that would be useful and informative just for those of us who do not comfortably fit into the labels thrust upon us by vendors and advertisers. So, we have started a website called The Silver Life – – which we aim to be a place where you can go to be informed, not sold.

We want to make this website a place where you can get relevant information on things pertinent, and even vital, to making your lives better for yourselves, and your loved ones. We will be writing original articles about ideas, hobbies, products, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, health, finances, and more, and we’ll be sounding off on events that get our attention. Each will be authored by folks who remember that there was a time when television was only in black and white and a calculator was called a slide rule – and every bit will be aimed at you: The Silver Lifer.

What we would like from you first of all, is to try us out – – and then tell others about us. But equally importantly, we would like your feedback and input – we want you to let us know what is important to you. We encourage you to write us “letters to the editor” to, recommend other articles or topics to us, and write articles for us to publish so other Silver Lifers can be informed.

So take a moment, look us up at and get informed, then join us by subscribing to our mailing list!

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